Cross-Country Christmas by Laurie Lewis

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Alt="cross-country christmas by laurie lewis"Cross-Country Christmas by Laurie Lewis

When CC Cippolini is offered a temp job driving a custom car across the country, she leaps at the chance to leave Chicago, put her past in the rearview mirror, and make a fresh start. But one car crash and broken cattle fence later, CC ends up at the home of ruggedly handsome rancher Reese Brockbank.

Reese doesn’t hesitate to rescue the reckless woman who has crashed into his life, but when circumstances require him to put CC up in his house for a few days, he vows to remain aloof—a woman already derailed his life once. As CC’s warmth and childlike love of Christmas turn his beautiful but sterile house into a home, however, she wears down his defenses. Still, something in her story doesn’t quite add up, and Reese’s questions soon cause CC to retreat.

The pain of their pasts has brought them to this moment, but will they seize it or put the possibility of love in jeopardy?

Book Review 

Cross-Country Christmas by Laurie Lewis is one of the loveliest Contemporary Christian Romance novels I’ve ever read!  For readers who enjoy wholesome, sweet romances with a bit of grit and complex characters this is a perfect read.

There is always more to a person than what you see, never was this truer than for rancher Reese Brockbank and Chicago girl CC Cippolini.  The two of them have hurts in their past that make it hard for them to open up and accept love, even when it is staring them in the face.  I appreciate the author’s theme of pain being a part of growth, and I found the gentle Christian lessons within the pages uplifting and inspiring.  As with all love stories, the course of true love never runs smooth, and there are things that Reese and CC must learn to accept about themselves before they can move on.  The imagery (like singing Carols to an injured fawn) throughout the book captivated my heart and made me smile.  The best line from the book for me is this: Love is powerful, when we give it, love is a gift, and when we withhold it, love is a weapon.  This is a definite 5 star novel from me, and I look forward to reading more by author, Laurie Lewis.

Laurie Lewis has a wonderful smooth writing style, crisp, clean text and a perfect-pitch storyteller’s voice.  She masterfully controls the pace and keeps you turning pages.  With endearing characters and an atmospheric setting that brings Christmas to life, Cross-Country Christmas by Laurie Lewis is a dreamy Christian Romance and comes very highly recommended by Amazing Family Books.

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